Ketchup Price Comparison

By James R. Covart

Sometimes it's the little things that add up.  Have you noticed the price of ketchup lately, particularly Heinz Ketchup?  Over the last year or so, we have noticed that the price of Heinz Ketchup has increased significantly.  HSG’s members are currently paying in the $19-20 range for Heinz Ketchup in 14 oz. glass bottles (still the most popular size we order).  Many independents are paying much more.

After a little research, I found that several of the national and regional chains are paying in the $16-16.50 range for the same case of 14 oz. bottles.  Heinz often has contracts with chains.  Trips to the wholesale clubs found them selling the same item in the $16-16.50 range.

Why are independents paying so much more than chains for Heinz Ketchup?  I am not sure.  The increased cost of freight has been the most frequent reason offered.  Does it really cost less to ship a case of ketchup to a local distributor for delivery to a chain restaurant than it does to ship a case of ketchup to the same distributor for delivery to an independent operation? 

As you can see from the spreadsheet that we have put together, buying ketchup in bulk packaging is less than half the per ounce cost of buying bottled ketchup.   

Here are some things that you can do to control ketchup costs:

Updated 6/21/06

Hospitality Services Group
Heinz Ketchup Cost Comparison          
1. Choose the COLUMN for the product that your are currently using. (G through P)          
2. Choose the ROW for the alternative product you are considering. (16 through 25)          
3. The intersection is your EQUIVALENT savings (or increase) per case.           
Calculate Potential Savings             
Equivalent Savings (Increase) $0.00             
Cases Used per Week 0             
Annual Savings $0             
   Jun-0524/12 OZ.30/16 OZ. 24/14 OZ.24/14 OZ.24/14 OZ.2/192 OZ.1/384 OZ.6/114 OZ.6/114 OZ.6/114 OZ.
ITEM DESCRIPTIONNO.OZ.CASEPRICECOST288 OZ.480 OZ.336 OZ.336 OZ.336 OZ.384 OZ.384 OZ.684 OZ.684 OZ.684 OZ.
#10 CAN 6114684$20.88$0.0305$15.71$18.35$11.16$12.99$10.24$4.71$3.28-$1.74$0.00$0.00
PLASTIC JUGS6114684$21.25$0.0311$15.55$18.09$10.98$12.81$10.06$4.50$3.07-$2.11$0.00-$0.37
POUCH PACKS6114684$19.14$0.0280$16.44$19.57$12.02$13.85$11.10$5.68$4.25$0.00$2.11$1.74
VOL-PAK 1384384$15.00$0.0391$13.25$14.25$8.30$10.13$7.38$1.43$0.00-$7.58-$5.47-$5.84
DISPENSER POUCHES2192384$16.43$0.0428$12.18$12.46$7.04$8.87$6.12$0.00-$1.43-$10.13-$8.02-$8.39
TALL GLASS BOTTLES2414336$20.50$0.0610$6.93$3.71$0.92$2.75$0.00-$7.00-$8.43-$22.59-$20.48-$20.85
CLEAR SQUEEZE BOTTLES2414336$23.25$0.0692$4.57-$0.21-$1.83$0.00-$2.75-$10.14-$11.57-$28.19-$26.08-$26.45
RED SQUEEZE BOTTLES2414336$21.42$0.0638$6.14$2.40$0.00$1.83-$0.92-$8.05-$9.48-$24.47-$22.36-$22.73
UPSIDE-DOWN BOTTLES3016480$33.00$0.0688$4.70$0.00-$1.68$0.15-$2.60-$9.97-$11.40-$27.89-$25.78-$26.15
WIDE MOUTH BOTTLES2412288$24.50$0.0851$0.00-$7.83-$7.16-$5.33-$8.08-$16.24-$17.67-$39.05-$36.94-$37.31